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We have been running a local Doggie Day Care service since 2007 and established ourselves as Acres 4 Dogs in 2010. The team are all commited to providing the very best experience for your dog or pup.  A permanent team creates the familiarity for you and you dog or puppy and the routine and the best possible care for your pal. We're all South West London locals, owners David & Ian live in East Sheen and Putney repectively and are very well known as part of the "dog community". There's every chance you'll bump into one of us at weekends in Richmond, Wandsworth or Wimbledon Parks, Barnes or Palewell Common or just out with the family or doing the shop in Waitrose! We love being a part of our community and so close and connected to our customers.


Putney resident some 17 years, business owner and teaboy (ok ok – tea-senior!)

Life-long owner and breeder of impeccably trained (most of the time!) family dogs. From an incredibly dippy Mastiff (Missy) down to a rather aloof Daschund (Bruno) and many in between.

Creator and owner of The Waggery in Barnes (dog groomers, dog retail, puppy and dog daycare) which he sold in 2011 to concentrate on creating the industry leading Acres 4 Dogs with David.

When not living and breathing dogs you will invariably find Ian, his wife, kids and dogs (often clients dogs on a sleepover), charging around the parks and commons of South West London.  Alternatively, you will find him in Majestic!


East Sheen resident of 12 years, business owner and lunch boy (his own!)

Life-long dog owner and for the past 7 years the proud owner of the super dopey but incredibly sweet cross-breed ‘Percy’ (quite possibly the daftest dog in the world!)

Established Acres 4 Dogs in 2010 with Ian to fill the void in puppy and dog care cover – pioneering the service that is now ‘Doggy Day Care’, and what's more, doing it right! Creating the initial standard for puppy and doggy day care and constantly improving it and investing in it.

Chauffeur to ‘The Acres’ dogs by day and at all other times, with his wife, general skivvy to their young daughter!  David also hums and whistles a lot of Country tunes which isn't remotely annoying! 


Simply put – ‘Manager’. Over the years Lee has had Lady the German Shepherd, Harry the Spinone and Blaise the ‘lord only knew what!'

Lee is one of those people that seems to be everywhere and all the time.

The pups and dogs likely see him as that annoying headmaster who never misses a cheeky trick!

Chauffer, trainer, floor sweeper, water carrier and kitchen polisher (just don’t let his wife know the latter!).

A dad to four kids explains why he is always calm – which is exactly the ethos at The Acres.


Our Senior Driver & Handler (and fitness loving cool dude!), Bradley really is the dogs best friend (and ours when we need something heavy shifted!). His Jack Russell ‘Patch’ departed some years ago but gave him the passion to spend his days taking care of pups and dogs.

Like all of us Bradley and his partner Sam are always welcoming Acres lodgers into their home for sleepovers and holidays.

The most cautious ‘fun-bus’ driver ever (and that takes some doing around here), Bradley is also our very best grass mower and very worst Barista!






Why choose Acres

  • Your dog comes home content and clean!
  • Big enough to cope, small enough to care!
  • You only pay for the days your dog attends!
  • We only take regular, sociable South West London dogs!
  • We’ve invested £80,000 in our dog care facilities!
  • We’ve been operating our dog day care service in South West London since 2007!
  • 75% of our dogs come through customer recommendations!
  • We do NOT collect late or drop-off early and you will get to know your dogs handler/funbus driver
  • We're local - our team all live near you in SW13, SW14, SW15, SW18, SW19, SW20!

Doggie Day Care Attendance

Pups and dogs thrive on routine so other than holiday time away all pups and dogs must come a minimum of one fixed day per week. Many of our dogs are in doggie day care five days a week.

It is important for the dogs to get to know us, other dogs, the surroundings and the facilities on a regular basis to get the full benefit of doggy day care. We’re not temporary dog walkers or dog sitters!

Our facilities

  • Home collection and drop-off in our air-conditioned Fun Buses
  • Acres of tranquil, private, purpose-fenced farmland
  • 120 sq meter block built indoor facility
  • Bespoke heating arrangement and plenty of cosy beds
  • Spick and span warm shower dog wash
  • Amazing swimming pool
  • The Cabin for shade and for shelter from quick downpours
  • Individual puppy feeding crates and post lunch rest-up area
  • Grooming service (daycare clients only)
  • What's not to love about haybale castles to bound over and run through!
  • Agility course

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What people say

Their care for the dogs is superb.


Simply the best available doggie day care.

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