Dog grooming and puppy grooming in South West London

For our regular puppy and doggie day care guests only...

We know a bit about dog grooming (having founded the successful dog grooming salon in Barnes, 'The Waggery'). We sold the grooming salon in 2011 to build Acres 4 Dogs so... bring on our friends at 4 Paws Mobile Spa – The Exceptional Groomer!

When 4 Paws arrive on the Acres we’ve never seen dogs happier to see a groomer. Add to that (and almost as important!) our pups and dogs keep coming back to see them, our clients are so delighted with their work.

No longer will you have to spend half your working day phoning around for an appointment, let alone the time required to get your dog there only to go back hours later to collect! Simply let us know, we make the arrangements and it's all taken care of here during your dog's daycare. You needn't lift a finger, let alone a brush!  

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What people say

Their care for the dogs is superb.


Simply the best available doggie day care.

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