Doggie Day Care in South West London

Our unrivalled facilities cater for dogs of all shapes, age and ability.  We only accept sociable dogs and all guests must attend a minimum of a day a week.

For puppy care please see our puppy page.

We are very experienced with just about every breed and their specific needs and abilities.  As an example, our three-year-old Labradors and our three-year-old Cavaliers play a different physical ability and pace therefore they play and socialise in separate paddocks.

Don't just take our word for it!  Pick up the phone and make an appointment to visit our doggie day care Centre today.


Very busy owners can have very very happy dogs!

Some dogs come to us because it is possibly the best day out a dog can have! Most come to free up their owners - where time constraints are such they cannot exercise their dog adequately or their dog will be at home and alone too long. 

While you manage your hectic home and/or work life your dog can have the best of all worlds.

How it works

Your pals day on the Acres begins with home collection in one of our air-conditioned fun buses.

We hold keys and codes for all of our client's homes so don't worry if you leave super early!  

Then we make the short journey to our fabulous Acres.

Now the fun begins! A fantastic day of socialisation, swimming, agility, chasing and playing. Or, as no two dogs are the same and in particular the seniors, a more sedate day of ambling, sniffing and 'hanging out'!  All interspersed with shady rest or a dose in the cosy barn.

Your dog will be dropped home after school tired and very content! If only they could tell you all about their day!

The facilities at Acres 4 Dogs

Supervised always by our super-expierienced team they will enjoy:

  • Acres and acres of lush paddocks
  • Amazing swimming pools and paddling pools
  • The agility course
  • Haybale castles!
  • A toasty purpose built barn where our guests can warm up in the chilly months.  The less hardy also use this area for play in the chilly months.
  • The custom built warm shower 'dog wash' and towel drying room before coming home on those wetter days
  • The in-paddock cabins for shade in the summer or for shelter in quick downpours
  • An abundance of shade in all paddocks and of course - a never ending supply of fresh water throughout

Come and visit

We appreciate you are very busy (hence the enquiry!), but we are very proud of our facility and service. If time permits we would love to show you and your dog around our Doggie Day Care Centre.

When considering Doggie Day Care we strongly recommend you only consider somewhere that will welcome you and your dog to a visit to assess the facility and the people and ONLY during the working week.  Only when full can you realistically appreciate the service and whether your dog will enjoy it.

Our emphasis is on fun but we are often complimented on how calm it is here.  No raised voices!  No charging around like a lunes!  Just experienced handlers making sure your pal is in a safe environment to have the maximum ammout of fun or to chill.

We have been providing our exceptional service locally since 2007 and 75% of all new guests come to us as recommendations. We look forward to meeting!  Call David or Ian today to make an appointment.

Your dog comes home clean

We would never drop your pal home dripping wet and caked in mud!

A warm shower and towel buff in the 'dog wash' before alighting the fun-bus after school does wonders for your dogs comfort (not to mention your soft furnishings!)

Recommendations from vets

Some dogs come to us initially under vet recommendation, primarily to help with losing weight and keeping fit. These are still jolly fantastic days out for dogs - and days that enhance a dog's life for years to come.

Quite simply - fit dogs are happy dogs - dogs at the right weight are healthy dogs.


As all doggie day care service providors should be, we are insured for public liability and third party liability as well as other 'belt and braces' eventualities!

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What people say

Their care for the dogs is superb.


Simply the best available doggie day care.

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