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Dog Training

Experts on hand

We retain the expert behaviourists of CK9 Training to work with our handlers. Weekly, hands-on staff training and advice sessions ensure that we are tip top in understanding your dog.

Dog training banner
Dog training banner

We don’t offer a specific dog training service…

…but our daycare dogs are some of the most sociable and balanced you will ever meet. This comes of the calm and structured environment we have created for your pal to learn in and have fun in together with the expert behaviourists we retain.

Behaviour not commands…

Balanced and sociable not “paw” and “roll over” (though these are cute additions you can work on at home!).

We believe in maintaining a high standard of sociable behaviour through dog training in our day care service – that is we don’t have dogs jumping up at us, needlessly yapping away or other anti-social behaviours. We work very hard with the general behaviour of our dogs (particularly our pups) resulting in a very balanced, sociable and fun loving bunch.

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