NEW ROUTES!  Colliers Wood, Balham, Tooting

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Visit our Dog Daycare Centre Today! We serve South West London & Surrey.

At Acres we are committed to providing the happiest possible environment for our dogs & pups and the best possible service for their families.

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NEW ROUTES!  Colliers Wood, Balham, Tooting

Simply the best Puppy & Doggy Daycare.

Serving Carshalton

At Acres we are committed to providing the happiest possible environment for our dogs & pups and the best possible service for their families.

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How does our Puppy School and Dog Daycare Service work?

Your pup or dog's day begins with home collection by one of our exceptional team in one of our air-conditioned, purpose fitted Fun Buses. Alternatively, you are welcome to drop your pal off at our facility. A fun filled day of socialisation, rest and play catered to your puppy or dog's age, breed and ability awaits...

Puppy SchoolDog Daycare
Puppy School & Dog Daycare Services
Puppy School & Dog Daycare Services
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Why Choose Acres 4 Dogs for Daycare?

Don’t ask us... See what our clients say

Nathan McKay ★★★★★ Acres 4 Dogs as been a blessing. Always making sure we can rely on them in an emergency, friendly committed staff and providing a comfortable safe environment for our little one. We always recommend Acres to our friends and family.Sarah Lund ★★★★★ Our spaniel puppy Maggie started at Acres at 6 months old and she is always so excited to go each week. The staff are very kind and always prompt at responding. It’s obvious the safety and wellbeing of the dogs is very important to them and they were very reassuring that Maggie would be adequately supervised and cared for appropriately, particularly given her young age. We would highly recommend.Alexandra Watson Jones ★★★★★ Our 3-year-old Havanese has been going to Acres4Dogs once a week for the past few months. His confidence has grown immensely during that time and he seems to absolutely love the centre. For the first few weeks he was very nervous at drop-off but now he runs inside without so much as a backwards glance, which can only be a good sign!He loves to play with other dogs when he is in the right mood but he often prefers a cuddle with the nearest human instead of non-stop playtime. Other daycares have made us feel like he wasn’t welcome unless he was up for tearing around playing ALL day long, but at Acres that doesn’t seem to be an issue, which is greatly appreciated.The only downside is that despite living a 7-minute drive from the centre they won’t do pick up or drop off at our address, which makes life a little more complicated, but so far it’s been worth the extra hassle to know that he is being well looked after somewhere that he seems to enjoy being!Tammy Demmers ★★★★★ Our dog loves going to Acres for the past 5 years, ever since she was only a few months old. They are very reliable and it’s fantastic knowing she is having a great time there while we are at work.Rupert Olszowski ★★★★★ We have been incredibly happy with the team at Acres and the service they provide for our 8 month old puppy. He is super excited to walk out the door in the morning and comes back ready to cuddle up and sleep! They don't over complicate the process and have communicated clearly if there has been anything to discuss in a day and clearly provide a really happy place for dogs to burn of energy and enjoy the day while we have to work !!!Priya Vibrant Health Reflexology ★★★★★ Bobby loves his time at Acres 4 Dogs!Siobhan Williamson ★★★★★ My puppy Duke has recently joined the Acres 4 Dogs family, and he absolutely loves it. He is beyond excited when he gets collected for the fun bus, and comes home a happy confident puppy. He's only 4 months and I can see the positive impact of socialising with the other dogs and his training/manners which he's learning through the amazing staff organically through the day. For a very busy single pup parent, the convenience of the fun bus is perfect for me. Plus the trust I've build due to the genuine people caring for my boy sets me very much at ease and I know he's in good hands!I would highly recommend Acres 4 Dogs to anyone looking for a top notch day care for their floof!Charlotte Miller ★★★★★ Our puppy started going to Acres4Dogs for 1 day a week from when he was 3 months old. The team was super helpful at arranging a visit to ensure I felt comfortable with knowing where he was going and how it works. Since he's been there I've been really happy and impressed with their services and general approach. He is picked up and dropped off by the same person each time which allows us and him to build up a trusted relationship. Would definitely recommend.Jennifer Brooke ★★★★★ My 1 year old Labrador, Tilly, ABSOLUTELY loves going to doggy daycare at Acres 4 Dogs. She is always so excited to go there, the team are fantastic, always greet you with a smile... even on rainy days. Tilly is so well looked after, absolutely shattered after her day of fun and I love seeing photos of her on their facebook page. 100% recommend! :)Jacob Cheyette ★★★★★ They have been great and super accommodating!! Also Arthur loves it thereCharlie Oshea ★★★★★ We love love love sending proper to Acres! We know that once she’s picked up in the morning she’s going to have a good day! They are so brilliant at booking in extra days when we need!Extra bonus that she won ‘Ruffs’ 😂🐕Lize Strydom ★★★★★ James and the team at A4D are just incredible with our Zula. She normally goes on a Monday and has figured out when daycare day is, so when we get ready upstairs, she waits at the front door for pick up and it’s all guns blazing when the van finally arrives. She comes back knackered from having a great day out. I can highly recommend Acres!!!Liam Newman ★★★★★ A good daycare centre especially if you have a medium sized dog or bigger. The home collection and drop off is helpful as well. Staff very friendly and experienced dog handlers.Amanda Bone ★★★★★ Our little dog gets picked up and dropped off. Always comes home happy and tired out. Really great to have him regularly socialise.Jenna Wienbar ★★★★★ My dog joined Acres 4 Dogs a couple months ago and loves it! Great pick up and drop off service, definitely would recommend!Merve Shnaps ★★★★★ Excellent puppy daycare! Our 6 months old puppy have been going to daycare since 12 weeks old and it helped him a lot to build confidence around other dogs and he learned to play nicely. The team is so lovely and caring that our pup runs to the van on pick up days.jamie mccandlish ★★★★★ Acres4dogs is a great choice for doggy daycare. Loads of space (literally acres) and a great team of people looking after the dogs. Our 10 month old sheepdog is full of energy but always comes home ready for a snooze. The home drop off has worked well and I can’t praise them enough.Alice Farrell ★★★★★ The team have been amazing with our new puppy and he loves every day there! Feel very lucky to have found such a caring team.Anne-Frances Reid (UK) ★★★★★ Alexander has great fun at day care and comes home exhausted! We’d definitely recommend Acres - it’s a great service and the staff are all really friendly and caring.Victoria Hills ★★★★★ We've been using Acres for years. Great for socialising our dog when he was a pup, and now (at the ripe old age of 6) he loves playing with his pals a couple of times a week. Reliable, accommodating with changes when life gets in the way of a routine, and happy dog people - I would heartily recommend them!Ana Oliveira ★★★★★ Excellent service. The dogs are very well taken care off and arrive tired and happy after a day in Acres 4 Dogs!Marian Simmonds ★★★★★ My dog coco loves her time spent at acres for dogs, she knows when her fun bus is coming before it is even in our road! She can't wait to go and loves all the staff who come to pick her up. She comes home again very tired and content. A Happy dog.Alix Normand ★★★★★ We’ve been using Acres for 3 years now and the care is second to none. It’s such a smooth process from pick up to drop off and all the members of staff show passion for what they do. Would recommend without hesitation.CHARLEY CTH ★★★★★ Team encouraged new clients to see the grounds and facilities when open. The team made us feel reassured that the dogs were safe and well cared for. The site is extremely clean and inviting. It was great to see multiple areas suitable for differing size of dogs to allow good social interactions. There is also a covered area suitable for shade, dry and resting.Our dog is really happy to go the site, settles well on the journey from home and is tired when she returns back from Acres4Dogs. It is so reassuring that the team ensure the welfare of our dog is top priority and we love seeing the Instagram posts.I would thoroughly recommend.Sarah Radford ★★★★★ My King Charles Cavalier has been going to Acres since he was 3 months old, and absolutely loves it. The whole team at Acres are brilliant; they've looked after Chess while I've been abroad; are very flexible; and take care bringing muddy doggies back into the house at the end of the day!I would highly recommend Acres to anyone looking for day care / boarding for their pups.Christabelle de Almeida ★★★★★ Our boy has been going to Acres 4 Dogs once a week and he seems to be having a really good time there. His handler is very calm and really engages with him. Collection and drop off is seamless and he comes back very happy. James at the office is very quick at responding to any queries. Would not hesitate to recommend to anyone looking for doggy day care.rachael Lavelle ★★★★★ Top quality dog care for your loved pooches. Collect and deliver back at specified time slots, send photos and follow up on instructions. My dogs literally wag their tails and jump into the van to go on their doggy play dates - they love their day out … would 100% recommend this doggy day care centre to anyone who wants their dogs to have a great day without worrying about them.Julie Sawyer ★★★★★ My dog always looks forward to her day at Acres. I am very happy with her going there and the staff are very friendly and caring. Tia always comes back home a very happy girl. I totally recommend this day care.Kate Brown ★★★★★ Our dog Rory has been going to acres4dogs several times a week since he was a puppy. He has a great time and the team are super friendly helpful and reliable. Would definitely recommend!tony burke ★★★★★ Iggle sits in the window waiting to be picked up with her tail swishing - enough saidondrej srb ★★★★★ Poppy comes once a week and she is always so happy and excited to get picked up.ProducentMats ★★★★★ We have been using Acres 4 dogs daycare for two years twice a week and our working cocker absolutely loves it and can’t wait to jump in the van on daycare days. Very professional business with great staff and very good communication with you as a customer. Always gets back to you quickly and very friendly if any questions. At site there are plenty of space for the dogs to play both indoors if the weather is bad but especially outdoors with large creative areas and also a pool area for those hot summer days. The dogs are placed together with similar sized dogs with the same character to feel as comfortable as possible and are always monitored by multiple staff. On those wet and muddy days the dogs are rinsed and towel dried before the transport back home. Always picked up and dropped off by the same person which makes the dog feel safe and happy and our dog’s “carer” Rochelle has been absolutely amazing and our dog adores her and can’t wait for daycare days. We have found this the perfect way to get our dog to learn how to interact and play with other dogs in a stimulating and safe environment and he has become much more calm and secure around other dogs when out walking. Can absolutely recommend this place.jason beedle ★★★★★ My dog absolutely loves his weekly visits to Acres. Funny story. He woke up at 5am once excited to go to daycare and was bashing his breakfast bowl. Fair to say he loves it.Emily Kupers ★★★★★ Our dog absolutely loves Acres4Dogs. She waits eagerly in the morning to be picked up, and comes back happy and tired. Daycare also helped our dog to become more confident and less anxious. The team is very flexible and responsive. Our dog also boarded with a team member for a few ays, and she couldn't have been taken better care of.Christian Downton ★★★★★ Great! The measure is surely how excited our pup is when the A4D team member arrives at our door - she is so excited her tail is wagging her whole body!The team are great for us as well, very professional, easy to contact, facilities look great. And our pup comes home happy, exhausted and clean! Many thanksVic H ★★★★★ I find going to day care has allowed my dog to have safe facilitated socialisation with other well behaved dogs and is a day she can run free to her hearts content. Any concerns I had about Acres 4 Dogs have been truly washed away and my dog will be attending for the foreseeable. Would definitely recommend.Rose Laitner ★★★★★ Our dog Bonnie has been going to Acres for about 3 years. Acres are reliable, very easy to deal with and give the dogs the best experience. Bonnie is always so excited when she gets picked up and comes back a very happy doggy!Shona Murray ★★★★★ I absolutely recommend the service which the team at Acres4dogs offers! As a single dog mum who adopted a puppy during lockdown, I can safely say that the wellbeing, safety and - in a large part - the good behaviour is down to his attendance at Acres4dogs. From 12 weeks, Mac has attended, on average, 3 days per week. As soon as the doorbell rings, Mac is literally jumping up & down to get to the door to welcome the pick up! And he’s satisfyingly mellow by the time he’s dropped off in the evening. The team are all amazing; super friendly, extremely reliable and often very flexible when I request a last minute change to the schedule! I’ve only visited the complex once but the facilities are next level doggy paradise. I am so thankful for the trustworthy the team, knowing that he’s safe & having the best fun with his puppy pals.Lyn Lovell ★★★★★ We could not be happier with the treatment and care that Charlie receives. As soon as the pick up arrives he is bouncing around eager to go. He is returned happy and tired from running and playing with his friendsCharlotte Williams ★★★★★ Maurice’s second home with some of his favourite people and furry pals. Implicitly trusted team who take great care of our best boy and provide him with hours of fun each day he attends - we love Acres!Jenny Burr ★★★★★ Millie has been attending Acres 4 dogs since the summer. She is always excited at pick and comes home exhausted. The staff are friendly and communicate well with us.Ros Goode ★★★★★ We were thrilled to find Acres4Dogs. Our rescue Border Terrier's recall is not reliable when he decides to go on an adventure, so we were pleased to see their system of gates as well as super-secure fencing in their paddocks (no, he couldn’t find any gaps).Most importantly, he loves his weekly visit, which is preceded by whining and shaking in excited anticipation, and then barking when he hears the bus. He is very sociable with other dogs and the set-up gives him the chance to run off-lead and play with other dogs as well as have cuddles with the super staff. We think the only reason he is willing to come home is that it's dinner time. He rushes in straight to his bowl and then crashes out, exhausted, for the evening.We really recommend Acres4Dogs - we wouldn’t send our much-loved lunatic if we didn’t trust them and know he was having a great time.Sole Nasi ★★★★★ If it was for our dog, she would move to Acres 4 Dogs permanently!Olivia H ★★★★★ My pup has been attending Acres 4 Dogs for 2 years. She loves her time playing with her friends all day, and the love and affection she gets from the staff at Acres. The pick up and drop of service is top notch and great to know my pup is in safe hands and happy. Highly recommend the team at Acres!Kelsey Mulder ★★★★★ My 2 year old dog LOVES Acres! She recognises the van as they pull up and drags the handlers to the “school bus”. It’s clear they dote on her and keep a great eye on her. She comes back absolutely pooped and sleeps all evening. So grateful we have Acres in our lives!Jonathan Bugeja ★★★★★ Piper has been going to Acres for 2 years now and absolutely loves it. Fantastic service and would recommend to anyone!Harriet L ★★★★★ We enrolled our cockapoo puppy, Denver, in at Acres a few days after we got her (following a number of recommendations from neighbours here in Barnes) - she’s our first dog and we were so grateful for David and Ian (the owners) being on hand to offer tips and advice! The service from Acres is superb - reliable, trustworthy, professional and responsive - we can relax knowing that Denver is in safe and very capable hands. Denver has a fantastic time at daycare - she waits by the door every morning and leaps into her driver’s hands - she can’t wait to go off for a day of running around and playing! She plods in late afternoon, completely content and totally exhausted, bless her! No amount of long walks or garden play could compare - she gets so much from her time at Acres, it’s been great for her socialisation and confidence - she loves it so much that we increased her to 5 days a week and she is beyond pleased! Couldn’t recommend Acres highly enough - a massive thank you to the whole team there!Jamie Dawson ★★★★★ My dog Edgar absolutely loves it, the team are great as well :)Alison Murphy ★★★★★ Our dog absolutely loves going to Acres 4 Dogs. It’s very well run and the staff are all lovely. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it!js_loader

OK, ask us… Why Acres?

  • Acres 4 Dogs has been operating since 2010. The founding directors have been providing a Dog Day Care service since 2007
  • We hold a Five Star, DEFRA, Higher Standard Animal Welfare License
  • Vastly experienced team, caring for dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages from pups to seniors
  • Multiple paddocks allowing dogs to be with similar ages, breeds, energy levels and abilities
  • We want you to visit and see the dogs in session, contact us to make your appointment
  • Our clients have the flexibility to swap days
  • Expert Canine Behaviourists retained to provide regular hands-on training for our experienced handlers
  • Air-conditioned fun bus service with ownerless home collection/return (we hold keys, codes and follow procedures)
  • Idyllic, private, secure acres
  • Dedicated puppy paddocks and cabins
  • Amazing swimming pools and paddling pools
  • Fun! Haybale castles, adventure playground apparatus, sand pits, tunnels & more
  • Heated cabins in the winter and air-conditioned chillouts in the summer
  • Warm showers
  • Our service is for sociable, regular dogs only
  • A loving team, dedicated to providing the best possible environment for our dogs and the smoothest possible service to their families
  • The go to, experienced, reputable Doggy Daycare Service for South West London and Surrey

Canine First-Aid

Our Dog Daycare Team Members complete a physically attended, annual Canine First Aid training course and a local vet is on call.

Behavioural Experts

We retain the expert behaviourists of CK9 Training to work with our Doggy Day Care Handlers. Regular, hands-on staff training and advice sessions ensure that we are tip top in understanding your dog.

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Professionally Qualified

Team members qualified in Regulated Level Three Professional Dog Daycare and Dog Boarding.

5* DEFRA Higher Standard License

Proud to be one of the very few assessed under the more rigorous government inspectorate of Animal Health & Welfare Service at City of London Vets, Heathrow.

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