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How far is too far for my dog to travel to doggy daycare?

travel to doggy daycare

It’s a trending topic, and we’re pleased that owners are raising this concern (or is it a tactic employed by a few dodgy doggy daycare ‘service’ providers to get business?). The question should be…  how much time it will take to travel to doggy daycare?

At Acres 4 Dogs, we are meticulous in minimising travel time, carefully selecting our pickup and drop-off locations (we turn away more dogs than we accept). While the ‘as the crow flies’ straight-line distance might seem reasonable, navigating city suburbs, especially during rush hours and school runs, revolves around time. This is precisely why we avoid collecting north of the river Thames and exercise caution when venturing too far east or west even south of the river.

It’s quite probable that you may not be familiar with all the site locations of the dog daycare service providers you are evaluating (some are secretive about where they are!) . The best course of action is to pay them a visit. If they refuse a visit during service hours (when they’re actively caring for dogs) should raises the question, “Why not?” There is nothing in the DEFRA-regulated Animal Welfare Act that reputable dog daycare providers must adhere to advising against allowing visitors. On the contrary.

While we all contend with the challenges posed by city traffic, it’s possible to keep travel to a minimum. Be wary of those making sweeping statements like ’45 minutes from central London.’ Consider when that time was calculated (2 am, perhaps!), and while it may be ideal if your dog is the last one picked up but how long has the first passenger been on board by that point?

Conduct thorough research on the location where your pal will be taken, and if they won’t permit a visit during a typical day, it’s advisable to steer clear.

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