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How Often Can My Dog Attend Doggy Day Care?

All pups and dogs’ benefit from socialisation.  The frequency of how often your dog can attends daycare depends on several factors, including:

  • Your dog’s age and energy level. Puppies and young dogs tend to have more energy and need more (managed) stimulation than older dogs. If your dog is high-energy, they can attend daycare more often than a low-energy dogs (latter not to be confused with a  ‘lazy’).
  • Your dog’s temperament. Some dogs are more social and outgoing than others. If your dog is shy or anxious, we will try and work with him or her to help them find more balance (fun!) in life.  That said day care is not for all dogs and if we feel you pal isn’t going to settling, we will let you know immediately.
  • Pups and dogs thrive on routine therefore all attend a minimum of one fixed day a week.  A few lucky ones come five days a week and the rest somewhere in between.  All go home content and tired suitable for their age and ability.
  • Your own schedule. If you work long hours, travel frequently or just want your dog to live their best life and are struggling to get enough fun and socialisation in then daycare is often the perfect solution.

Some dogs do best attending daycare from Monday to Friday while others may prefer to attend just one day a week.  Balanced with the costs should bring you to what’s best for your pup or dog but rest assured, we treat every dog as an individual, always taking into account age, breed ability and general health and we are always available to chat about your pals needs.

It’s important to observe your dog’s behaviour after they attend daycare to see how they’re doing. If they seem stressed or anxious you may want to reduce the number of days, they attend. If they seem happily tired, energetic, and well-socialised, then you may be able to increase the number of days they attend. 

Ultimately, you know your dog but if you have any doubts on how best to determine how often your dog can attend daycare we suggest you talk to your veterinarian or a qualified dog daycare professional. We would be delighted to assess your dog’s individual needs and recommend that is right for them.

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